Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pink Fringing

Aye aye aye! Look at all these fringe-y photos. Here's another sneaky peek of my project I'm working on. I am doing everything I can to launch my shop very soon. After I move and settle down in my new apartment, I should be good to get going on this projecto. This pink organza fringe dress is kind of my favorite thing right now. I was beginning to lose interest in fringe UNTILLL I walked into a trim shop and came face to face with this NEON PINK long ass fringe just waiting to be purchased by me. And well why explain the process of how this soulmate dress came to exist, when we can all just bask in it's epicness and just thank that something like this exists. And the strange thing about this is that I am not really a pink lover. I am a lover of bright colors though. So the only acceptable way I will allow myself to wear pink is when its bright and BLINDING! I started to look through my closet to see how much of pink I've collected throughout the years and I kid you not, I have all neon pink or a variation of a neon pink. It's ridiculous, IM RIDICULOUS! I guess I can allow myself to be an uber girly girl every once in a while. BUT when I do, I have to be unnecessary about it. anywayyzz, Check out the shaottsss below of me being a slightly obsessed with pink kind of girl.

On a different note but kind of relevant, my computer went through some sort of breakdown and decided to stop working a couple weeks back. My computer probably just overdosed on too many parks and rec episodes(not really the reason of it's death scare) but I fixed it after some unfortunate money spending. That led to having to download all my programs back onto my computer and well now I am happy and stress free again cause I've got Photoshop and Illustrator again! And well I decided to spice up the photos with ma new programs cause that's what one should do when they just had a huge cup of coffee and its 1am in the morning. 



Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinnings: Summer Pool Party

One thing you all need to know about me is that I am not a beach girl. Not in the slightest. I live in Southern California and I never go to the beach. EVER! But when summer comes along, I really enjoy hanging by the pool, and dreaming of going to water parks. That's what I preferred every summer as a little girl, not the beach but the water park. So it is only normal that I dedicated an entire Pinterest board to The H2O. Well dream on like I have been with these images and I hope everyone is enjoying their 2013 summer. One reason I know LA is my soulmate is that when summer rolls around its all about the pool parties, they know where it's at and it's definitely not at the beach. It's at the rooftop of a hotel, closest to the sun, basking in the cold pool water. How is that not better than the beach?! Ya thank you, I proved my point.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Daisies and Polka Dots

I'm back! Well kind of. My brief hiatus comes with good reason. I promise. I am currently working on an enormous project and hope to release it very soon. You know what, why hide the details? I'll just fill ya guys in. I am currently working on releasing my own online shop with a mini clothing line. Everything is exclusively designed and sewn by me. I've been wanting to do this for a while but have been either too preoccupied in the past, or just couldn't find the inspiration. I had designers block but this is no longer an issue. I am oozing of inspiration and ideas and am super excited to have this ready for you guys to purchase. I'm already obsessed with some designs that I've sported them around town. 

So ya, don't hate cause I've been trying to get this out for all y'all! And more exciting news!!! I am currently moving into a new place. I have been living with roommates pretty much my entire run of independence and now I am finally moving into my own apartment, living solo. Do you know what this means to me?!! 
Read my list below, cause that's how excited I am of this new form of living(I make lists when I am uber excited):

1. I have a kitchen to myself. This means that when I want to make an entire bowl of puppy chow at 1am in the morning, I have full freedom to do so without being ashamed of it.
2. I can pee with the door open now. 
3. I can be naked all the time if I want to be. 
4. I am finally going to be one of those classy/chic/crafty girls who hosts cute themed parties at her own place with her closest gal pals.
5. My apartment is a 1920's New York style apartment so um ya a lot of photo ops there to later post all over tumblr/pinterest/this blog just so I can proudly boast how incredibly adorable my new place is. 
6. Um I get a free apple TV with this place!?!? Why haven't gotten my own apt sooner? 
7. Complete creative freedom to decorate and design my entire apartment. 
8. If I want to I can sit in the middle of the kitchen floor and eat a bowl of cereal. 
9. I can dance in my undies and sing without having to worry that my whole house of roommates are listening to every tiny sound. 
10. I can invite people over without having to send out a mass warning text to my roommates that I have someone spending the night. 
11. No more awkward small talk with roommates meeting that said friend who is visiting. 
12. So basically I am never going to leave my apartment and I'm ok with that. 

I will share my photos as soon as I am done setting up the place and making it feel like home. 
Oooh and here are some shots I got snapped of me with one of my designs. And yes, the design I am talking about is a yellow daisy printed clear PVC skirt! 

Wearing: Thrifted MLKJ tee, Forever21 polkadot shorts, Wholesale-dress.net platforms, borrowed hat.