Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arizona Roadtrip

So I took a road trip to Arizona last week. With a destination to The Grand Canyon! About two years ago I attempted to go to the Grand Canyon, but little did I know, the vortex known as Sedona wouldn't let me out! This time around, I was determined to reach this grand place. I went with my two best friends. Started driving friday night and hit Arizona by 1am. We slept at a random rest stop not expecting it to get freezing cold at night, but it did. So we spent most of the night shivering in our seats. We woke up to a cold morning, with other wanderers/travelers around us. We bundled up as best we could and were ready to get back on the road. As we were leaving, a family asked us to help start their car, apparently they left their lights on the entire night! We jumped their car, wished each other good travels and went our way. 

First stop was Phoenix, AZ. There we stopped at Last Chance hoping to snag some great designer finds. I found some gems, but it was a drag to find them. Not as good as it used to be. We the proceeded to get powered up with some acai smoothies at a near by smoothie cafe and got back on that Arizona road. We spoke of love, family, memories, the past, the power of words, hope, mistakes, fears. Anything and everything. We argued, we laughed, we got passionate. That's what best friends are for. We stopped on the side of the road about 1hour into our drive to The Grand Canyon from Phoenix and jumped a barbed wire to explore the CACTUS PARADISE that endlessly went on. We might have been trespassing but we couldn't find a home. It was just GIANT cactus after towering cactus/cacti? 

A quick pitstop/photo op and we were back on the road. We hit Flagstaff and began to see the dark green trees covered in snow. Absolutely stunning. The road kept getting more exciting as we drove on. The sights were getting more beautiful, and the energy was just oozing with anticipation in the car. We finally hit Grand Canyon village, and the road up to the entrance of the park was magical, it started to snow! My second snowfall. As we entered the park, inches of snow, and the snnow kept falling and we were just the happiest ladies in the world. We bundled up in the worst gear for winter ever known. We didn't expect snow. I luckily brought coat options cause I overpack, and stopped at the general store to purchase gloves cause being the cali girls we are, we were very unprepared. 

After sort of getting lost, we found our way to the canyon. And for a moment we were speechless. We stood by the edge of the cliff and stared at amazement. In all it's glory. Even people around us just stood there and looked beyond. There was remnants of snow on the side of the cliffs and clouds perfectly shading the canyons. A beautiful experience. We stood there and made a tiny snowman to leave our mark. And we laughed and danced and embarrassed ourselves. As perfect as that moment was, our trip didn't end there. We spent a couple of hours in the park and spoke of future plans to HIKE it in the future. Which I very seriously intend to do. But we left and headed to Sedona to spend the night. 

We drove a bit but before exiting the park, we had to have an impromptu snow fight cause you don't experience a snow ball fight at the grand canyon everyday. So we stopped on the side of the road again and chaos ensued! We hit Sedona with growling stomachs and found a local vegan hot dog place. The owner spoke to me in Spanish and we shared stories and got to know each other. A kind soul. He originally lived in Los Angeles and moved to Sedona and opened up this delicious hot doggeryyyy. Mine was mouth watering and he checked back on us and asked how we were enjoying ourselves and we just felt so welcome. We explored the night life(not much of a night life) but we explore and we could say we did. Then woke up the next morning to explore this beloved town. I didn't want to leave, I didn't want this short trip to be over but we were on the road again, back to reality. We left Arizona loving each other more than we did before. Knowing things that we didn't know about each other before and we all experienced a monumental moment together. Many more to come!



Monday, January 27, 2014

Same Funky Style

I've always been one to steer towards the more colorful, the more bold, the funkier pieces. So this two piece Indian outfit is no exception to my personal style. If it's ethnic and colorful, IM WEARING IT! 
I found this at a vintage shop in LA and was just shocked that no one had picked it up. I went crazy and grabbed it, along with the matching pants that are the definition of parachute pants but I dont curr. I've already sported it out once and felt like the coolest chick to ever walk this earth. I kept sassy walking up and down the street like I owned 3rd st. Don't you ever feel so good in an outfit that you stop and think "If I lived in NYC, Bill Cunningham would totally snap a shot of me!" That's how ridiculous and confident I get(you should get) when you've found an outfit that makes you feel great. Anddd if you love this kind of stuff as much as I do then today is your lucky day! The jacket is currently up on sale at my shop so snag it before anyone else can. I know what some of you are thinking, how can you part ways with such an amazing unique piece!? Wellllll I kind of have an unhealthy addiction with jackets/coats and my SECOND closet is already packed with them and I can't add more to my collection cause the closet space has reached it's limit. Sad but true. So this piece needs a new amazing home! Pants might go up on sale, might! One step at a time Vanessa.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

African Vibes

For a while now, I've been into them African prints. Anything ethnic or cultural, I'm into it. So I've been roaming the streets of downtown, snatching any cheap African prints I can find. I'm surprised people don't obsess over these prints as much as I do. I've already made two head to toe outfits from African textiles. They are da best. And any time I wear them, people go crazy over them. The people love it too! They can appreciate. So I am currently working on some pieces to sell in the shop, so keep your eyes posted for crazy print pants and tops and maybe some dresses. I personally can't stop wearing my monochromatic bell bottoms I made. I'm sporting my all over print design below. Gotta love it! I throw it on with my go to penny lane faux fur suede coat and I'm ready to hit the town. So keep yourself posted, cause some exciting new designs are coming! 


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dem Jewels

I can't help it, I love my fringe, big jewelry, chunky, colorful, IN YO FACE type of accessories. The pattern maker at my last company used to always be so worrisome about my jewelry choices. She was like a mother, so she would always ask if my neck hurt from all my heavy jewelry, and she would cringe every time she saw me in something big or heavy. But I don't mind I've got a strong neck. 
So it only makes sense that I would make my designs big and funky. When I was purchasing my large amount of supplies for these pieces, the man selling them to me just couldn't wrap his mind around that fact that I was making jewelry with the supplies I was buying. So the store gladly offered support to feature my store and designs. So as soon as these are all up, I will feature the link of this store for those who are interested. 
When I began to design these pieces, I put my love of those qualities, and made some new jewelry designs that are slowly becoming available on my shop. So check out the two new exclusive designs in the shop RIGHT NOW. and see below the ones that will be coming soon! Earrings and necklaces. More to come! 


Saturday, November 30, 2013


Happy late thanksgiving guys! I hope you all celebrated this long weekend with people you love and with FOOD you love. 

I was far too occupied to make a pre thanksgiving post cause I clearly had a lot to do for the holiday. I drove down from LA to visit the fam in OC for the long weekend. Weds night I helped my mama prepare for a huge pot luck with family friends and we ate a mixture of pretty much every latino food ever invented along with the traditional thanksgiving dishes. Then thursday rolled along and I felt like Thanksgiving day went by so fast this year. We knew exactly what to prepare. The classic dishes along with some new twists on the classic dishes. I cooked myself my first turkey-less turkey. I usually always prepare myself a main vegetable dish but this year I went for the substitute meat and I wasn't disappointed! Then I was in charge of the dessert so I quickly made an apple spice pecan cake with salted caramel frosting from scratch. We all gathered together and a few of us ended up getting a lil toasty off of some Gulden Draak. Best way to finish off ANY Holiday dinner. We sat at the table, chatted, laughed, even went to the park to burn some of that food off with a game of basketball. And of course snapped some photos of moi as the sun went down. We were all pretty dead by 6:30 and my mother passed out on the couch while the family watched hunger games. All in all, it was pleasant, and a much need vacation from work. 

I like holiday season. It's like a countdown celebration to the end of the year. First it's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and a New Year. And it's just a full three months of colder weather, seasoned smells and flavors, fallen leaves, hot chocolate, merriment. You can't deny that all of that isn't great. And if you do deny it then you are a scrooge my friend. 

And I clearly love the holiday atmosphere because I made a dress specifically to wear for Thanksgiving, along with shoes that are almost too perfect for Thanksgiving. This girl loves to dress in theme. The pictures below were actually taken by my brother and edited by me. But even though he has no experience in photography, he's kind of awesome at it, right? 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I can't believe it's been more than a month since I've posted! I've been a busy bee, as always. 

I've been doing stuff on paragon desert, working hard at my day job and just been living more. I was being an old lady and decided that being an old lady didn't necessarily mean being cooped up in my place all the time. So I've been lounging out, drinking dark beers(they're my favorite now) and consuming as much wine as I can. It's been good this fall season so far, and I've had some pretty memorable weeks. Just a couple of weeks ago, my friend Anthony and I decided to take an impromptu drive to Laguna while I was visiting family. I've never been to "top of the world" in Laguna so Anthony took me cause apparently it is where the youth spend their friday nights. I missed out on that part of my youth, while public school kids drank and smoked pot on some dark hill, I was painting in my room like some anti social dweeb. Oh how people change. Well while we were up there, we decided to snap some shots and as you can see below, I've transformed my aesthetic to the darker side these days. Dark lips, dark hues, dark errythang. My friend recently mentioned to me that she prefers my "new" look. I didn't even realize I had a new look but the more she got into explaining my change the more I realized that I've been a witchy bitch lately. I have long ass hair now, and I look more gothic she says. I used to be so colorful and vibrant, I guess it has to do with the weather as well. But I will definitely enjoy my darker palette as the season goes on. See below some shots that Anthony took of me while being in my element. 


Thursday, October 24, 2013


Halloween is only a week away guys! It's my favorite holiday of the year because the weirdos come out with full force, the portal to halloweentown is open, people are dressed up in crazy cool costumes, candy galore, and you will never know whether that person was dressed up as a dead person or it really was a dead person roaming in our world for the night. I have yet to decide what I am going to dress up as. I've never had this much difficulty deciding or finding out what I will dress up as. I usually always make my own costumes from what I already own but I'm going blank this year. I was thinking of Sally Bowles(Liza Minelli) then Iris Apfel, then also creepy 1800s doll but none of them I'm absolutely in love with. But regardless of my nonexistent costume, I'm still excited for Halloween this year. I've got multiple things to do that night, one childish and one adult event. It shall be fun. I hope you all have as much fun as I plan to have. And in spirit of this boogie woogie halloween season, I mustered up some photogs with zombie hands and pumpkin prints to put everyone in the mood. 

I recently went to Goodwill and their halloween section is KILLER! I found this awesome textured/structured orange skirt that screamed halloween to me, my studed chunky platforms from wholesale and Im wearing my YING BANG crop tee that you can purchase in my store here: www.paragondesert.etsy.com