Monday, September 15, 2014

Sk8tr g!rL

I got a skateboard a couple years back and decided to finally check that off my bucket list. My nephew, niece and brother in law are all skaters. My nephew was the best. He was a lil Z boy in the making. Summer and hot weather always get my blood boiling to skate. And watching Lords of Dogtown on Netflix accentuated this craving to live up to the west coast kid that I am. I get why skateboarding was a bigger thing on the west coast. Long hair, chill vibes, sunny days, surfers etc. It's all part of the great equation. 

I traveled down to visit my family and my niece gave me some tips and tricks to practice on. She's a lil nutter. She wanted me to record videos of her and she wanted to take photos of me so we did both. I had to dress super casual, which isn't me at all but when skateboarding its necessary. Now I just want to transport myself in only my skateboard and cruise around town. Be that rebel kid I never was when I had the chance. And I've got the long hair now so why not! 

The Z boys are my biggest inspiration right now. The originals. The legends. 70s long hair, sunkissed skin, saturated colors with tones of green and yellows. It's all I'm about at the moment. Wearing my vintage DICK TRACY tee, U.O. pants, U.O. sunnies, Converse and using this killer zombie skateboard from my brother in law.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer 2014

Summer is probably over for most of you. But for all adults, it never really started, or ends until the seasons officially change here in California. Which they never do. I kept going on with my usual full time job schedule and occasionally, more frequently than less frequently WENT OUT! Partied, danced, went to free shows, danced some more, drank cold drinks, took road trips etc. My summer really felt like summer this year. I've lost track of how many shows I've gone to but that was the focal point of the summer. I saw The Zombies, The Black Kids, Gardens & Villa, Jagwar Ma, Wood(new band you should check out), Young The Giant and of course the major finale of FYF fest. For those who are new to hearing about FYF, its been around for years, and its LA's major music festival. Except when I first went, tickets were like $30 bucks and its was at LA Historic Park and it was so much better that way. I still saw bands I wanted to see and it was chill. This year was a major shit storm, but my group of friends made the best of it. Got to see Future Islands, which was my major band to see. That was my personal highlight. Got to see The Thundercats, Built To Spill, Grimes, Caribou, Blood Orange, Haim, Interpol, Mac Demarco, and The Strokes. There were more I wanted to see but for those who were there, you understand how difficult it was to see everyone at that location. 

It was a good summer and I managed to make my festival outfits at the last minute. Any special occasion calls for a new outfit for me to make. First day I wore and African two piece combo outfit, with GOJANE strappy flats and ebay shades. Second day I sported a two layered pink tie dye mesh dress with a DIY harness and U.O. booties. 

Photos below of the craziness that ensued from Day 1 through Day 2 with no sleep. Maybe 2 hours of sleep tops. I also like made this like video about like FYF and how crazy it was bruh. So check it out above. And don't forget to follow me on instagram for more of my daily shit @fromabolivian


Friday, July 4, 2014


Happy 4th of July you crazy kids!! Happy birthday Merica!
Milk that summer sun cause it ain't gonna last for long. I know I am. Tbh, It's a horrible thing being an adult sometimes, cause I can't remember the last time I had a real child-like summer. Cause you know, I'm like an adult and work all year long. But when a 4 day weekend comes my way, or in any adult's life, WE GO HARD! WE RAGE! WE APPRECIATE EVERY SECOND OF IT.

Last night, I celebrated a friend's birthday on a thursday night and partied like it was a friday night and now it feels like saturday and now I feel like an old lady. I slept the early part of today trying to recuperate. And I had my lil pup keeping me company. Then finally managed to wake up and muster up the energy to get myself a cherry Icee. Only way to fuel oneself on a hot summer day. Shortly after, I went to celebrate my sweet lil niece's birthday, then headed over to a friends party, then got some bombass chili cheese fries w/ my buddy, called it a night and now I'm back to laying with my baby boo. My lady. My pup. My errythang. So it was a good day. Now I'm ready to get my rest and celebrate the remainder of this long weekend like a champ!

Wearing: vintage star button up, U.O polka dot hat, vintage glasses, fo21 pants


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solitude is bliss.

"You will never come close to how I feel." 

It is currently 4:48am, and I've been up since 1am. I've been on a crazy schedule, and I've pretty much let myself become a crazy person due to said crazy schedule. I arrived to my studio after a long day at work, literally stripped down to nothing but my undies and passed out on my bed. Next thing I know, I'm waking up from a full nights rest at 1am. This is by far the trippy-est night I've had in a while. And I don't have hallucinogenics to blame. I've been productive these past couple of hours, ate a bowl of ramen, killed a cockroach and took a long warm bath while I belted along to Nina Simone. And now I'm missing the summer of 2010, back when I couldn't stop listening to Tame Impala and Solitude is Bliss was my jam everywhere I went. I even remember taking over the white board at work and telling everyone to listen to that song. "SUMMER JAM- SOLITUDE IS BLISS." This song couldn't be more perfect for my current situation right now. There's nothing better than having a crazy couple of weeks that then leads to insomnia which then leads to you dancing by yourself in nothing but undies and a tie dye shirt to your nostalgic tunes of summer 4am in the morning. I'm going to miss this. Having solitude. It's great living by myself but in a month I move. With the possibility of roommates, unlesssss I find a cheaper and sizable studio in LA.

Anyways, I'm in such a psychosis state that I am in no mood for smooth transitions. I'm just going to jump and tell you that this post is just going to be a fucking mess. I like kimonos. I sleep at odd hours of the day, and I like kimonos. Relevance is of no importance to me right now. Ooohhh, I get to see the sunrise in a couple of hours! Ok back to kimonos. I sell them at rare quantities in my store. I already sold a couple because they are amazing gems, and I've put some more on sale. Check them out because they are beauties. Soft, hypnotizing velvet, with silky fringe detailing and dreamy images of Hindu Gods, and Geishas. All too good to pass up. See photos below of the one I sported before it immediately sold out! And I guess you could say it's pretty clear I was listening to Tame Impala while I designed these photos on PS...I don't need earthy drugs to alter my mind. All I need is some good music and my already altered mind. 

Interesting yet not so interesting back story on this bb shoot was that it was done in my apartment building.  I asked my friend to shoot me on my rooftop, which is usually accessible because I go up there with friends to drink wine and shenanigan it up all the time. But the one time I need it for responsible purposes, it's closed. Some maintenance shit. So we resorted to doing it in my hallway. Worked out fairly well. Hooray for improvisation. 



Tuesday, May 27, 2014


So for those who don't live in Los Angeles, we have this summer tradition here in the city. It's called Cinespia, and they show movies all summer long at the Hollywood Cemetery and it's one of my favorite things to do over the summer. That and pool parties. As years have gone by, the summer cinespia has gotten a lot more hype. They constantly try to make each one better, bringing cast from the movies being shown, directors, Q&A etc, a themed and set up for a photobooth, dj and more! They launched their summer showings about two weeks ago with a Lampoon movie. But the big one was this past memorial weekend! A SOLD OUT ALMOST FAMOUS SHOWING!! One of my all time favorite movies. I made my outfit from scratch, designed the top and pants myself and put on one of the mannyyy penny lane coats I own. It was hard to decide what coat to wear that night but I made the appropriate choice. It was a night full of fun, memories, music and meeting the director Cameron Crowe! It was well spent with great friends, and the substances treated us nicely too! And PIZZA GALORE! and munchies. Our group of 12 prepared well. I'm a girl who loves to dress for the occasion, so I took the photo opportunity to document it all! Enjoy! 



Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Ahhhh a new stock of vintage kimonos are coming soon! Some real good pieces coming soon! So be excited bitches. Check out the store for other vintage goodies while you wait on the new arrivals:

The one piece I'm sporting in these shots is a floor length vintage 90s yellow floral chiffon kimono! A dream to prance around in. I feel like the ultimate hippie princess in it and it's the most refreshing/comfortable thing in the world. Anything floor length is good in my book. And spring is here, and summer is near so this piece is a must have!!! Hope you are all having a great spring so far! The weather here in California has been really sporadic. But I can deal.

Wearing: Gap tank, and Gap flare jeans. Vintage kimono available in store this week.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Goth Summer

Great scott! I have had a rough couple of months and keep getting more and more backed up on this blog and updating. I recently have dealt with the thing we all call life and came to a realization that we all must live life to the fullest. Live it and treasure every second of it, and do what you love. So as I return back to this lil thing I called my blog, I come back with a slight aesthetic change. I've lacked in color and prints in my latest fashion endeavors, and have resorted to all that is black, dark, pale and overalls. I have recently purchased a total of 3 additional overalls in the last week. Might be a little excessive, with the already 3 other overalls I already own...So I guess my summer staple is going to be all about the overalls. And boy do I have my variety of choices. My favorite one as of late is this H&M black overall I purchased for only $3! It had a sale price of $10 and just my luck it was actually $3!! So I have been wearing it non stop, and on top of that I got these free YRU fringe creepers gifted to me by the lovely Solestruck!! Due to my newest black pieces, I've eliminated all color and even started a new beauty change as well. It's all about the dark Tim Burton eyes, pale face and Dark gothic lipstick!! 

And for more updated you can all follow on instagram @fromabolivian and also follow my store now with it's new instagram @paragondesert

Wearing: H&M jumper, H&M organza jacket, Vintage island printed Crop top available at my  store (, ATWELL necklace, YRU creepers from Solestruck, U.O. tortoise sunglasses.